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the best way to clean Thermador glass cooktop

The Ultimate Guide to Clean a Thermador Glass Cooktop

Are you looking for the best way to clean a Thermador glass cooktop? We can help! Cleaning a glass cooktop is very different than cleaning a gas stovetop, but it is easier than you might think. In this blog, we’ll provide tips on how to remove burnt-on food, what to do regarding cooktop scratches, and what cleaners to avoid using on this type of cooktop.

How to Clean a Thermador Glass Cooktop Correctly

clean a glass cooktop


The Thermador brand is known for its high-quality, work-horse, and elegantly designed appliances. Their glass cooktop is no exception to the luxury standard of the brand. Even with their exceptional quality, their cooktops will need a bit of TLC to keep them looking and performing like new. Let’s review how to clean a glass range top.

What Is the Best Way to Clean a Thermador Glass Cooktop?

To clean a glass stove top, a little extra care can go a long way. We recommend cleaning your cooktop after each use to avoid any food or debris build-up.

After your electric cooktop has cooled, wash it with using a soft cloth and a mild soap and water solution. Rinse the cooktop off using a clean, moistened rag. Then, dry the cooktop completely using a microfiber towel or a glass cooktop cleaning cloth. Finally, apply a small amount of Thermador Induction & Electric Cooktop Cleaner. Using circular motions, apply the cooktop cleaner across the entire cooktop, then buff it to a clean shine with a dry towel.

how to clean a glass range top

How to Remove Burnt-on Food from Thermador Glass Cooktop

Drips and spills onto a cooktop are bound to happen. However, there are some foods that, if spilled onto the glass cooktop, can cause damage if not removed quickly.

These types of food include sugar and syrups, milk or cream, and all acidic foods, including tomatoes. Other common debris, like a plastic film from packaging or foil, can find its way onto your cooktop surface, melting or adhering.

To Clean a Thermador Glass Cooktop While Hot:

  1. Immediately turn off the glass cooktop and carefully remove all pots and pans.
  2. While wearing an oven mitt or other protective hand covering, use the Thermador Glass Scraper to remove the debris carefully.
  3. To minimize the risk of accidental scratching, it is important to ensure the Glass Scraper is at a shallow angle (below 30 degrees).
  4. Once the cooktop has completely cooled, moisten a soft towel or sponge, and place it over the remaining burnt-on stain. Wait approximately 30 minutes for the stain to loosen before removing the towel.
  5. Use the Thermador Glass Scraper to remove the rest of the burnt-on stain.
  6. Wipe any debris off, then proceed to clean the glass cooktop using Thermador Induction & Electric Cooktop Cleaner.


how to clean a thermador glass cooktop
Image Source: Thermador

How to Remove Scratches from Thermador Glass Cooktop

It is best to prevent scratches from occurring by ensuring you use appropriate pots and pans with flat bottoms. Avoid using cast iron or any cookware that may have a rough or damaged bottom, as this can scratch the cooktop.

While scratches may not be ideal for your glass cooktop, they do not interfere with its cooking performance. Unfortunately, scratches into the glass cooktop are permanent and cannot be removed.

Cleaners to Avoid Using on Thermador Glass Cooktop

To keep it in pristine condition, it may be tempting to use other products or methods to clean a Thermador glass cooktop. However, doing so can ruin the surface of the cooktop by scratching it or causing other permanent damage.

Products to Avoid Include:

  • Scouring pads made of metal
  • Rough sponges made for scrubbing
  • Cleaning devices, brushes, or pads that hold soap
  • Any cleaners that contain chlorine bleach
  • Any cleaners that contain ammonia
  • Caustic cleaners, including Easy Off®
  • Any abrasive cleaners, including baking soda
  • Any dishwashing agent, with the exception of diluted, mild dish soap


thermador glass cooktop cleaning
Image Source: Thermador


Taking care of your glass cooktop is essential for keeping it looking clean and functioning like new. With the proper cleaning techniques, you can keep it cooking and looking like new for years to come.

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