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Don’t Think You Need to Clean a Commercial Ice Machine? Think Again!

Mold, slime, and bacteria seem more like the stuff of horror movies than what’s inside a commercial ice machine. But without regular professional cleanings, your ice machine can harbor these dangerous (and disgusting) organisms. Find out why regular cleanings are necessary, how to clean a commercial ice machine, and who should do this important job.

How to Clean a Commercial Ice Machine the Right Way

While there are few things more satisfying than a DIY job done right, some tasks are better left to the professionals. To properly clean a commercial ice machine, it’s recommended that a commercial ice machine cleaning service do the job correctly.

Why Should You Clean Your Ice Machine?

Just because your ice machine is a cold environment doesn’t mean that mold and bacteria don’t find a way to thrive. While it may grow more slowly, mold will still multiply when exposed to airborne bacteria. Incorrect usage such as returning unused ice or handling ice with your hands only hastens the development of mold.

If you don’t clean a commercial ice machine regularly, this mold and bacteria can form a foul-smelling slime that permeates the ice. This slime can quickly contaminate an ice machine and has the potential to be harmful. Mold overgrowth can even impact the function of your machine, leading to costly repairs.


How Often Should You Clean Your Ice Machine?

How often should you clean a commercial ice machine to prevent this smelly slime invasion? The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) holds ice to the same standards of storage and handling as food. This means that it should not only be cleaned but also sanitized, at least 2-4 times per year.

How long does it take to clean a commercial ice machine? After removing all the existing ice and thawing the machine, a complete cleaning should take at least an hour. This allows enough time to cover all the recommended inspections and sanitize the machine. This is why we recommend leaving this task in the hands of a professional.


Who Should Clean a Commercial Ice Machine?

So who cleans commercial ice machines to get the job done correctly? A commercial ice machine service has the time, training, and tools to clean, sanitize, and inspect your machine along a multi-point checklist. Professional cleanings 2-4 times per year will keep your machine running optimally and prevent the growth of slimy mold and bacteria, while ensuring that an untrained eye doesn’t overlook any crucial details.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for the rest of the year. Here is some regular maintenance you can perform in between professional cleanings to ensure that your machine functions properly:

  • Confirm your machine is operating with the correct water pressure.
  • Check the ice machine’s internal temperature to make sure it’s in accordance with user manual recommendations.
  • Test all ice machine controls for proper function.
  • Inspect the exterior and interior for signs of corrosion.
  • Assess the water sensors, hoses, and screens for proper function.

Dependable Repair Services has the training and expertise to clean a commercial ice machine properly. Call us to schedule a professional cleaning today.

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