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A broken appliance can be a huge headache. While some companies claim to offer same day service, they may not actually be able to repair your appliance on the first visit if they don’t have the right parts or tools.

“Dependable Repair Services has established business practices that greatly reduce your chances of multiple repair appointments!”

Our Goal is to Fix It on the First Trip

While a second trip is sometimes unavoidable, we do everything within our power to complete your appliance repair on the first trip to your home.

We know that you don’t want to wait days to get your appliance fixed. That’s why we have established business procedures that greatly reduce the need for a second trip.

How do we do it? We stock our service vehicles with the most commonly failed appliance parts. This often eliminates the need for a second visit. We also get your appliance make and model when you schedule service. This allows us to prepare ahead of time.

Commonly-Failed Parts

We’re proud to be able to fix many of the most common appliance repair problems in as little as one visit. Whether your refrigerator isn’t cooling properly or your washer is loud during the spin cycle, we most likely have the part needed to fix the problem on our truck.

When your refrigerator won’t cool, some of the more common culprits include:

Range burners sparking can typically be repaired by replacing these parts:

When your washing machine is loud during the spin cycle, we usually look to these parts:

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