Walk-in Cooler Repair

Walk-in Cooler RepairWalk-in Cooler Repair

Since 1970 we have been repairing walk-in coolers as well as most commercial appliances.  Dependable Appliance Repairs is the oldest commercial appliance repair company in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area.  Our technicians are experienced and receive regular training to stay up to date on the latest technology.  They will troubleshoot the problem and quote you a flat rate repair price before they start in the repairs.  The trucks are stocked with many of the most common walk-in cooler parts needed.  If the parts aren’t on the truck, we maintain special relationships with parts warehouses in the Atlanta area and will have the parts quickly delivered to you or the technician to ensure the most timely repairs. We even have small refrigerated trailers which are 5'x10' and can hold most of the stock of walk-in coolers. We can have it delivered in 4 hours if one is available.

Walk-in Cooler Door Repair

Walk in cooler door repairs are one of the most frequent all below can walk in repairs.  The abuse to the hinges and seals are the focus of most repairs.  Increased utilities cost, and eventually, product loss can quickly cut into your budget justifying cool door repairs and maintenance. Improper repairs to the doors can lead to leaks around the door increasing demand on the compressor and the entire cooling system. Cooler doors are easily damaged by well-meaning but inexperienced technicians.  Improperly repaired cooler doors can quickly lead to extended repair times when temporarily small refrigerated trailers must be rented to maintain product quality. Dependable Appliance Repairs provides 24/7 walk-in repairs with experienced commercial appliance repair technicians ready to serve you.

Regular Walk-in Maintenance

Commercial refrigeration and especially walk-in coolers cost justify regular maintenance.  Having experienced technicians that will regularly maintain your equipment to ensure the lowest electric bills and commercial refrigeration life expectancy helps offset in their cost.  Often maintenance is procrastinated for immediate needs.  While your staff can clean the equipment, they seldom have the knowledge if the disassembly is needed and technical data to ensure the components meet factory specifications.  Dependable Appliance Repairs will establish and agreed upon maintenance cycle than call and schedule the maintenance as per your instructions.  When repairs are needed, you will be advised, and repair your walk-in cooler before it affects your budget or equipment.  Just give us a call at (770) 577-5773 to experience the savings and professionalism you expect.