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Do you need Ice Machine Repair? We service all forms of ice machines & ice makers in all residential, commercial & factory settings. This includes medical & educational facilities, grocery stores, break rooms, convenience stores, gas stations, or any other business needing repair in any and all forms of commercial refrigeration. We service & repair commercial ice machines and have the common parts in stock for: Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, Scotsman, Ice-o-Matic, Sub Zero, Kitchen Aid and Whirlpool.

We provide 24/7 emergency commercial refrigeration repairs, including all forms of commercial refrigeration and ice machines. Call us today! Call Dependable Appliance Repairs, anytime, from anywhere in or around the Metro Atlanta area. If your ice maker is broken, or underperforming, it could be from one of the following issues, or a whole host of other potential problems.

Common Ice Machine Problems

  • Poor weather stripping or insufficient insulation
  • Irregular or unsavory Room Temperature for Ice Machine settings
  • Insufficient water flow to your Ice Machine
  • Dirty of clogged flow lines
  • Feed water temperature is too warm
  • Broken or faulty cooling equipment
  • Water Leaking directly into the machine
  • Insufficient water flow to the ice machine
  • Supply line, Interior, or Storage Bin Leak
  • Siphon Pipe Drainer failure
  • Fill Solenoid or Float Valve Leak
  • Head Pressure Regulator malfunction

Regardless of whether or not you see your problem listed, or if you even know what kind of Ice Machine Repair you need, Dependable Appliance Repairs can help you, any time of day, any day of the week. We provide 24/7 emergency commercial appliance repairs, including ice machine repair. That means if it’s the middle of summer, on a Friday night, and your ice maker hits the fritz, calling Dependable might be the prevent your corporate or locally owned diner from experiencing a full-scale walk-out from those who know drinking un-iced sweet tea is the 8th unpardonable Southern Sin. Whatever your situation, if it includes broken or underperforming commercial kitchen appliances, including ice machines, ice makers, and so much more, don’t hesitate to call Dependable. We’re here for you! We are committed to you and your business! You can schedule regular service online, 24/7 or if your situation is not an emergency, just call 770.999.9016 during regular business hours, 8am -5:30pm Monday through Friday to speak with a customer service representative.

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