Do you have a favorite restaurant? If so, do you frequently dine there? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, we can probably safely assume that your favorite eating establishment offers high-quality entrĂ©es, on a very consistent basis. You probably don’t really notice if they meet your vaulted standards, at least not as much as you would notice if for some reason they failed to meet your expectations. And what you may never know is just how much work, preparation, and high quality scrutiny of the ingredients, spices, and raw material goes into ensuring the necessary provisions to produce consistent, high-quality, fresh meals.

Some of the acclaim for high-quality consistency goes to your particular eatery of choice, but some of the applause should also go to the modern advent of innovative Commercial Kitchen Equipment. If you happen to be in the Restaurant business, you know how heavily your enterprise leans on fully functioning Commercial refrigeration equipment, ice makers and ice machines, and all other types of industrially-minded kitchen equipment. If any of your equipment proves faulty, you also know just how important it is to get a Commercial Kitchen Repair service professional on the scene, quickly!

If you are in need of Commercial Kitchen Repair, look no further than Dependable Appliance Repairs. We have been offering highly-rated, fully-certified service to the Metro Atlanta area since 1970. That’s well over 40 years of Commercial Kitchen Repair services for all your very expensive, very important commercial kitchen equipment.

Who wants a warm, soggy salad? Who wants a nice, hot glass of sweet tea? Who wants a melted dessert plops off your spoon? Who wants a dry, 12 oz steak that looked like it was cooked before it was actually cooked? No one we know wants spoiled, unrefrigerated food items. Definitely not any of your prized patrons. And we’re pretty sure that if this type of situation lasted for very long, your constituency would fade quicker than an ice sculpture on the beach.

But there is great news! Dependable Appliance Repairs can offer long-term solutions for your short-term commercial kitchen repair problems! We are one of the most heralded commercial refrigeration repair companies in the entire state, and one of the top Ice Machine repair companies in the entire South! 40 years of satisfied customers will hopefully inspire enough confidence in you to give us a call or set up an appointment through our “Schedule Now” function, 24/7, day or night! Contact us today!