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Wolf Microwave Cleaning: How to Properly and Thoroughly Clean the Interior and Exterior

Wolf microwaves are some of the highest quality on the market, with exceptional design and functionality that makes cooking and reheating meals an absolute breeze. However, with frequent use, even the most high-end microwaves can become dirty and require cleaning. This is where Wolf microwave cleaning comes in, and it’s important to know the proper techniques to ensure your microwave stays in top condition. Are you wondering how to clean a Wolf microwave?

Wolf Microwave Cleaning: The Ultimate Guide

The high-end microwaves by Wolf are designed with premium materials that are easy to clean and maintain. But despite this, there are some tips and tricks you should know to keep your microwave looking and functioning like new.

Important Tips Before Cleaning a Wolf Microwave

While performing high-end microwave cleaning, it’s essential to take safety precautions to avoid any accidents or damage. A critical step in this process is disconnecting the power cord before cleaning or leaving the door open to inactivate the oven during cleaning.

How Do I Clean the Inside of My Wolf Microwave Oven?

Wolf microwave cleaning is a straightforward process that can be accomplished quickly and easily. The good news is that because little heat is generated to the interior surfaces, there is no baking or setting of spills or spatters onto the interior of the microwave, making cleaning a breeze. 

To clean the interior surfaces of your microwave, simply wipe them down with a soft cloth and warm water. Be sure not to use abrasive or harsh cleaners, which can damage the microwave’s interior surfaces. For heavier stains or soils, you can use baking soda or mild soap, but be sure to rinse and dry the interior thoroughly with hot water afterward. 

NOTE: Never use chemical oven cleaners to clean the inside of your microwave. 

Cleaning a Wolf Microwave Waveguide Cover

Cleaning the waveguide cover in your Wolf is critical to maintaining the appliance’s performance and safety. The waveguide cover, located on the inside top, is made from mica, which requires special care. Keeping the waveguide cover clean is crucial to ensure good microwaving performance, as built-up splatters may overheat and cause smoke or even catch fire. 

To clean the waveguide cover, carefully wipe the surface with a soft damp cloth to remove any food spatters immediately after they occur. It’s important to note that you should not remove the waveguide cover. If your waveguide cover becomes damaged or needs to be replaced, contact a professional Wolf repair technician.

Cleaning the Wolf Microwave Turntable

Cleaning the turntable is essential to keeping the appliance in top condition. The good news is that the turntable and its support can be easily removed, making cleaning easy.

While cleaning the turntable and the turntable support, remember that the motor shaft below is not sealed. Prevent excess water or spills from entering the motor shaft area while cleaning.

high-end microwave cleaning

To clean the turntable, wash it with warm water with mild soap on a soft cloth. You can also put the turntable in the dishwasher, making cleaning even more convenient. For especially stubborn stains and spills, use a mild soap with a non-abrasive scouring sponge.

To clean the turntable support, use the upper rack of the dishwasher to ensure a thorough cleaning. It can also be cleaned using a soft cloth and soap.

How to Remove Odors From a Wolf Microwave

It’s not uncommon for cooking odors to linger in your microwave, especially after cooking pungent foods. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to remove these unpleasant odors.

One effective method is to combine 1 cup water, grated peel and juice of one lemon, and several whole cloves in a 2-cup glass measuring cup. Boil the mixture for several minutes using a 100% power setting. After boiling, leave the mixture in the oven until it cools down.

Finally, wipe the interior with a soft cloth to remove any remaining residue. This simple method can help eliminate unwanted odors and leave your microwave smelling fresh and clean.

Exterior Wolf Microwave Cleaning

It is important to keep the exterior of your Wolf clean to keep your appliance in top condition. Start by using mild soap and water to gently clean the exterior surfaces. Rinse and dry the surfaces with a soft cloth.

Alternatively, you can use diluted white vinegar to clean the exterior. Avoid using any household or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the surfaces. When cleaning the window, use a soft damp cloth to wipe both sides and remove any spills or spatters. If there’s a spill or stain between the glass panes, you may need to get a new door.

To maintain metal parts, wipe them frequently with a soft damp cloth. Avoid using spray and other harsh cleaners, as they can stain, streak, or dull the door surface. If your microwave has a trim kit installed, do not remove it for cleaning. 

Cleaning the Stainless Steel Exterior

If you have a stainless steel microwave, it’s essential to take special care when cleaning the exterior to ensure it stays looking its best. The stainless steel trim should be wiped often with a soft damp cloth and polished with a soft dry cloth to maintain its beauty.

To make the cleaning process even more effective, there are a variety of products designed especially for cleaning and shining stainless steel. We recommend applying the cleaner to a soft cloth and then carefully wiping it over the stainless steel trim rather than applying it directly to the surface. Following the package directions is important to avoid any damage to the stainless steel on your appliance.

Cleaning the Control Panel of a Wolf Microwave

The control panel is one of the most frequently used parts of your microwave, so it’s important to keep it clean to ensure it continues to function correctly. To clean the control panel, use a spray degreaser to remove fingerprints and food soil.

However, it’s important to note that you should never spray cleaners directly on the control panel, as the liquid can seep into the panel and cause damage. Instead, spray the cleaner onto a soft cloth before wiping the control panel. This will help to prevent any damage and ensure that the control panel remains in top condition.

Wolf Drawer Microwave Care and Cleaning

Wolf Microwave Drawer cleaning is essential to maintain the appliance’s appearance and functionality. To clean the stainless steel exterior of the drawer, we recommend using a standard high-quality stainless steel cleaner, as mentioned above. Wash the interior thoroughly with hot soap and water and a lint-free microfiber cloth.

You can also use a mild spray degreaser with a no-scratch ScotchBrite® pad if there are more stubborn stains.


wolf drawer microwave cleaning
Image Source: Wolf

It’s essential to thoroughly rinse the interior with a soft cloth moistened with warm water to remove any cleaning residue before using the drawer. It’s important to note that abrasive cleaners should not be used during cleaning, as they can damage the drawer’s surfaces. Additionally, do not line the warming drawer with tin foil or any other kind of oven liners, as they can cause damage to the appliance. 

Properly cleaning your microwave is crucial for maintaining its appearance and ensuring optimal performance. By following the manufacturer’s guidelines and the simple cleaning steps we’ve discussed, you can keep your microwave looking and working like new for years to come.

However, if you experience any issues with your microwave that require repairs, it’s important to trust the work to a professional like the expert technicians at Dependable Appliance Repair. They specialize in repairs and are committed to providing high-quality repairs and customer service. Whether you need a routine maintenance check or a more extensive repair, you can trust Dependable Appliance Repair to care for your Wolf Microwave repair needs.

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