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Why Is My Whirlpool Duet Washer Not Spinning?

Sometimes the signs of an appliance malfunction are unmistakable. Like when you find a pile of wet laundry in your washing machine because your washer won’t spin clothes. Common causes for a Whirlpool Duet washer not spinning include an unbalanced wash load, kinked drain hose, or broken drive belt.

Troubleshooting a
Whirlpool Duet Washer Not Spinning

We know that an empty laundry basket is a daily goal. So we’ll help you get back on track by first ruling out the simple causes for a Whirlpool Duet washer not spinning. We’ll also help determine when a repair is in order so you can try a DIY fix or call in a professional.

Whirlpool Duet Washer Washer Not Spinning or Draining

When you notice your Whirlpool Duet washer not spinning and draining it’s typically because your laundry is still soaking wet in the machine. Sure, you can grab a screwdriver or call for a repair, but we first suggest ruling out these simple causes when a washer doesn’t spin:

Inappropriate cycle selection: make sure you’ve selected the right cycle for your wash load. Hand wash or delicate cycles use a slower spin speed to protect delicate fabrics.

Wrong detergent: these detergents will create an excessive amount of suds in an HE machine, reducing spin speeds and leaving sudsy water behind. Make sure you’re using an HE detergent for your HE machine.

Unbalanced load: sometimes one large item in a load will throw the spin cycle off balance, lowering the spin speed. When washing a large item, it can be helpful to throw several smaller items in as well to balance the load.


Whirlpool Duet Washer Washer Not Spinning Fast Enough

If you find your Whirlpool Duet washer not spinning fast enough, a DIY inspection can reveal the cause. Here are some easy fixes you can try at home to pinpoint the problem:

Broken lid switch: the lid switch prevents the washer from spinning if the lid is open. If the switch is malfunctioning, the lid won’t close properly and your washer won’t start. The switch can be tested with a multimeter to determine if it’s receiving power. If not, it should be replaced.

Obstructed drain hoses: when a washer doesn’t spin sometimes a draining issue is to blame. Move your washer away from the wall and inspect the drain hose for kinks. Disconnect the hose and remove any visible clogs.

Loose belts or bolts: unplug the washer, unscrew the back panel and determine if the drive belt has loosened or suffered damage. Also, search for missing or loose bolts on the washer drum. Tighten any loose components and replace any that are broken or missing

Clogged water level switch and hose: remove your washer’s front panel to see if the clear water level hose is clogged with lint or debris. Remove any obstructions by blowing through the hose or tapping it on its side. The water level switch is at the other end of the tube at the back of the machine. It will need to be tested for continuity to determine if it’s functioning or needs to be replaced.

Other Reasons Your Whirlpool Washer Won’t Spin

If these tips still leave you with a Whirlpool Duet washer not spinning, there are additional part malfunctions that could be responsible. Here are some other common culprits for a washer spin cycle not working:

Faulty door latch: on front load washers the door latch locks the washer door, signaling the washer to begin a wash cycle. If the latch malfunctions, the machine won’t be able to spin and start a wash cycle. If the door latch appears damaged or a multimeter test reveals a lack of continuity, it should be replaced.

Failed motor control board: this circuit board attached to the motor is what receives your commands from the main control board on the front of the washer. If the motor control board malfunctions, it won’t respond to signals and the motor will be unable to start a wash cycle. In this case, the motor control board needs replacement.

Broken motor coupling: this component connects the washer’s motor to the transmission. Without this connection, the machine won’t be able to start. Though it can break with time, chronically heavy loads could also cause breakage. A broken motor coupling requires replacement.

Whether your washer won’t agitate but spins or you find your Whirlpool Duet washer not spinning at all, Dependable Repair Services can help. Give us a call for the very best washer repair near Atlanta!

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