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can you put Halloween costumes in the washer

How to Wash Halloween Costumes: Wigs, Masks and More!

From dirt and candy stains to sweat and makeup, Halloween celebrations can leave their mark on a costume. But to keep these marks from becoming permanent, many delicate costume fabrics and materials require specific washing techniques. We’ll detail how to wash Halloween costumes, wigs, and masks with the right methods and supplies to preserve them for future fun.

What Happens When the Night Ends?
Here’s How to Wash Halloween Costumes Safely

While some costumes can be machine-washed, certain fabrics, wigs, and masks need particular hand-washing methods to live to see another Halloween. These tips and tricks discuss how to wash Halloween costumes safely and easily once the night is over.

How to Wash Halloween Costumes

Can you put Halloween costumes in the washer? We first suggest checking the costume’s label for specific washing instructions. While cotton and polyester can be safely washed in the machine, Lycra and anything with sequins, beads, or tulle should be hand-washed. Here’s how to get smell out of costumes and clean stains by hand or in the washer:


  1. Fill a sink or basin with cool water and add a few drops of detergent.
  2. Turn the costume inside and out and place it in the water. Gently knead for 1 minute. 
  3. Rinse with clean water to remove detergent. Avoid wringing that can stretch fabric.
  4. Turn the costume right side out and hang to air dry. Skip the dryer to avoid damage or shrinking.


  1. Wash separately or with a few other items on a permanent press setting.
  2. Use warm water and a gentle detergent.
  3. Hang to air dry.
how to wash Halloween costumes

How to Wash Halloween Wigs

A wig can be the perfect touch to your Halloween look. But sweat and tangles can easily leave it in disarray after just one wearing. Wash Halloween wig with these simple steps to keep it looking like new:

  1. Fill a basin or sink with cool water and add a few drops of mild shampoo.
  2. Place the wig in the water and let it soak for 5 minutes.
  3. Gently swirl the wig in the water, being careful not to rub the fibers together.
  4. Rinse under cool, running water.
  5. Shake out excess water. Avoid wringing that can damage or tear fibers.
  6. Lay the wig on a towel or wig stands to air dry. Only natural hair wigs can be dried with a blow dryer.
  7. Once the wig is completely dry, brush to remove any tangles.

How to Wash Halloween Masks

How to wash Halloween costumes has to include masks, which can take a beating from sweat and makeup stains. While Latex masks can provide realistic details, they require specific washing and storing techniques. Here’s how to wash Halloween mask safely to preserve its lifelike appearance:

  1. Dampen a clean washcloth with warm water and add a few drops of hand soap.
  2. Rub the cloth throughout the inside and outside of the mask. Pay special attention to the eye, nose, and mouth openings, as these areas are more likely to collect stains.
  3. Wet a second clean washcloth with just warm water. Wipe down the entire mask to get rid of dirt and soapy residue.
  4. Blot the mask with a clean, dry hand towel.
  5. If the mask has hair, gently brush to remove tangles.
  6. Stuff the mask with cloth or newspaper so it keeps its shape.
  7. Store out of direct sunlight in an airtight container or plastic bag.

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