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Maytag dryer not starting

Maytag Dryer Not Turning On? Try This…

Excusing the possible part failure, the most common causes for a Maytag dryer not turning on have simple fixes. Here’s how to narrow down the problem and identify the solution:
1. Check Dryer Door
2. Check Dryer Settings
3. Check Dryer Power
4. Maytag Dryer Failed Parts

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Bosch Classixx Dryer Not Spinning? Troubleshoot Worn Out Parts

If you find your Bosch Classixx dryer not spinning, it is most likely caused by a broken drive belt, worn-out drum rollers/glides, or a bad drum bearing. To replace the drum glides, unplug the dryer, remove the front panels, disconnect the drive belt, remove the drum, release the glide clips, and snap the new glide in.

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