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Bosch Classixx Dryer Not Spinning? Troubleshoot Worn Out Parts

Laundry is just one of those chores that’s unavoidable. So if you find your Bosch Classixx dryer not spinning it can certainly make the job more tedious. Before you get out the clothespins, do a little troubleshooting. The problem could be caused by a broken drive belt, worn-out drum glides, or other failed parts.

Troubleshoot a Bosch Classixx Dryer Not Spinning

It’s hard to know where to start when you have a Bosch Classixx dryer not spinning, let alone where to put all your wet clothes. Our Bosch dryer not spinning troubleshooting tips can facilitate a quick repair by identifying the most common parts failures.

Broken Drive Belt

One of the most common reasons for a Bosch Classixx dryer not turning is a broken drive belt. This hard-working part is a long, thin rubber belt that winds around the dryer drum, suspended between two pulleys. As the dryer motor runs, the drive belt spins the dryer.

Over time, the drive belt can break and the dryer drum won’t be able to turn. You can identify a broken dryer belt by turning the dryer drum by hand: if it spins rapidly with ease, it’s likely broken. A broken dryer belt can’t be repaired and will need to be replaced.

Worn Out Drum Rollers

Drum rollers are small, rubber-coated wheels that help the dryer drum spin smoothly. There are typically two rollers in the rear of the dryer drum while some models have an additional two in the front.

Drum rollers can wear with time, making them unable to spin freely. To pinpoint if drum rollers are responsible for a Bosch Classixx dryer not spinning, remove the drive belt and try to turn the dryer drum. If the drum is difficult to turn, the drum rollers are likely worn out and require replacement. Even though only one drum roller may be worn out, we recommend replacing all of them at the same time.

Old Drum Bearing

A dryer drum bearing helps turn the pulley attached to the motor and drive belt, rotating the dryer drum. This small bearing is encased in metal and can be round or elongated in shape, enabling the dryer drum to turn as smoothly as possible.

Common signs of a run-down drum bearing are squeaking or squealing sounds as the drum rotates or the drum not tumbling smoothly. If the dryer drum makes these same squeaking sounds after removing the drive belt and turning the drum by hand, the drum bearing is likely the cause and requires replacement.

Photo Credit: Garage Kitchen of Science

Damaged Drum Glide

A dryer drum glide is typically a thin plastic band at the front of the dryer drum. The drum slides on this band as it turns, helping it rotate smoothly.

Over time, the glide can become worn and the dryer drum will start overtaxing the motor. To prevent damage, the motor will shut down and you’ll find your Bosch tumble dryer not spinning or turning. A damaged drum glide can’t be repaired and requires replacement.

Follow these steps for how to replace worn out drum glides on Bosch dryers:

  1. Unplug dryer
  2. Unscrew the front and top dryer panels
  3. Disconnect the drive belt
  4. Remove the dryer drum
  5. Release the drum glide clips to free the worn drum glide
  6. Snap the new drum glide into place
  7. Reinstall the dryer drum and drive belt
  8. Replace front and top dryer panels
  9. Reconnect dryer to power source

Whether it’s a Bosch Classixx dryer not spinning or another dryer malfunction, Dependable Repair Services is here to help when you have a dryer not working. Give us a call to help with any repair!

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