Our Top 5 Favorite Easy Halloween Treats For Kids

easy halloween treats for kid

Halloween baking holds an especial appeal for kids, with bright colors and beloved flavors. But kid-friendly recipes that maximize attention spans while minimizing mess can be hard to find. What are some easy Halloween treats for kids to make at home? Ghostly Rice Krispie Treats require few ingredients and are done in under 30 minutes. […]

When and Where to See Fall Colors in Atlanta


If you want to see the best fall colors in Atlanta, visit a local park. Fall foliage can be found at Piedmont Park, Grant Park, and more. These spots provide the perfect place to enjoy red, yellow, and orange leaves as the weather cools off.

Fall Festivals in Atlanta 2021


To celebrate the season, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite fall festivals in Atlanta. From arts and crafts to obstacle courses, there are Atlanta fall events for every age to enjoy!

6 Reasons Why Your Dryer Takes Forever to Dry

dryer takes forever to dry

Doing the laundry is already a chore in and of itself, but when your dryer takes too long to dry a load of laundry, it can really try your patience. There can be several reasons why your dryer takes forever to dry a load of clothes. Let’s review the top six reasons why your dryer […]

Dishwasher FAQ: How to Remove Hard Water Spots From Dishes

how to remove hard water spots from dishes

We put our dirty dishes into our dishwasher along with some detergent, fully expecting to close the door, walk away for a bit, and return to a load of sparkling-clean dishes. However, this isn’t always the case. Up to 85% of the United States has hard water, affecting how our appliances perform. Our dishwasher’s performance […]

Is Your Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working?

refrigerator ice maker not working

In most cases, a refrigerator ice maker not working is often due to an outside issue and not an ice maker malfunction. We list common causes for ice makers not working: Defective Water Inlet Valve, Insufficient Water Pressure, Water Filter Dirty, Faulty Ice Maker.

4 Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Runs Constantly


Most of us rarely take note of our refrigerator’s operation until it suddenly starts running all the time. Wondering why your refrigerator runs constantly? A faulty defrost thermostat can result in a buildup of frost that restricts the flow of cold air. Determine why your refrigerator won’t stop running with these common causes. Refrigerator Runs […]

5 Common Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Runs Loud


Refrigerators typically operate in near silence, making any loud sound that much more startling. Why is my refrigerator making noise? The blades on the evaporator or condenser fan may be obstructed or rubbing against something. Troubleshoot the most common reasons a refrigerator runs loud to quickly silence the sound. Refrigerator Runs Loud? Here’s How to […]

The Ultimate Guide on How to Chalk Paint a Refrigerator


Looking for a great way to turn your refrigerator into a work of art? This guide will show you how to chalk paint a refrigerator, adding character, and breathing new life into your appliance. This is a fun project for the whole family, so be sure to get everyone involved for a unique, entertaining, and […]

4 Induction Cooktop Reviews


With its speed and efficiency it’s no wonder that induction cooking is experiencing a surge in popularity. However, despite being en vogue, many still find themselves wondering, “What is an induction cooktop?” We’ll help answer the question with a rundown of how this technology works as well as induction cooktop reviews of some top brands.