How to Clean a GE Dishwasher: Symptoms, Solutions, and Tips

how to clean a GE dishwasher

Did you know that you should clean your dishwasher on a monthly basis? A dirty dishwasher filter or drain clogs are evidence to the contrary. We’ll show you how to clean your dishwasher, wash the filter, and remove clogs so that your dishwasher is truly as clean as your dishes.

Why Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator Freezer Makes Noise When Door is Closed

sub zero refrigerator freezer makes noise

One of the hallmarks of a superior appliance is how quietly it operates and your Sub-Zero refrigerator is no exception. When your Sub-Zero refrigerator freezer makes noise it can be seriously annoying. Common causes include a faulty evaporator fan motor, ice build-up, and fan obstruction.

4 Top Causes For a Viking Gas Range Not Lighting

viking gas range not lighting

It’s hard to take advantage of a Viking range’s superior heating power if the burners won’t even ignite. Why is my Viking gas range not lighting? A power source may not be providing adequate electrical power. Troubleshoot this common problem with the most likely reasons and solutions. Viking Gas Range Not Lighting? This May Be […]

Oven Not Heating After Self Cleaning: How to Troubleshoot

oven not heating after self cleaning

Self-cleaning ovens are a great feature to have in your home. They offer many benefits, such as easier cleaning and a reduced risk of fire. However, there can be some risks associated with using the self-cleaning function. If your oven is not heating after the self-cleaning cycle, there are several things you can do to […]

How to Troubleshoot a Refrigerator Freezer is Cold but Refrigerator is Not

freezer is cold but refrigerator is not

If your refigerator freezer is cold but refrigerator is not, it can be frustrating to determine the cause and how to fix it. Have you could yourself thinking, “My fridge isn’t cold but the freezer is”? This troubleshooting guide will outline the five most common reasons for this issue and provide you with troubleshooting steps […]

5 Causes For a Samsung Refrigerator Leaking Water – And How To Fix It

samsung refrigerator leaking water

A Samsung refrigerator leaking water can be caused by a variety of things. This blog post will list the five most common causes of a Samsung fridge leaking and how to fix it. If you are experiencing a Samsung refrigerator leak, you must diagnose the issue as soon as possible. Left unchecked, a Samsung fridge […]

Is Your Thermador Oven Not Heating? This May Be Why…

Thermador oven not heating

A high-end Thermador oven provides superior cooking power but that doesn’t mean it’s exempt from common heating issues. Why won’t my Thermador oven heat up? The thermostat may need adjusting to monitor the internal temperature. Learn common reasons for a Thermador oven not heating so you can quickly solve the problem. 5 Reasons For a […]

Why Is My GE Dishwasher Not Spraying Water?

GE dishwasher not spraying

When you don’t hear the familiar sounds of water spraying and find your dishes not clean after cycle ends, your dishwasher isn’t functioning optimally. Why is my GE dishwasher not spraying properly? If something blocks the spray arms’ rotation, water may not reach every item. Troubleshoot dishwasher spraying problems with these likely causes and solutions. […]