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Appliance Repair

Did you know that Americans spend well over $100 Billion on new appliances every year? How much of that money is spent annually on appliances that have stopped working, or have slowed down in productivity? What about in your own home or business? Have you already spent your hard-earned money on new appliances before you planned to replace your old ones? What if we told you that many of the appliances that people decide to replace because of poor or lagging performance could actually be repaired, and at a fraction of the cost of buying new ones? Appliance repair, if viable, is most definitely the way to go for sensible, cost-efficient Southern Living!

Dependable Repair Services is consistently one of Metro Atlanta’s most highly rated appliance repair service providers! Add another 15 years to your refrigerator! Add 10 years to your washing machine! Add 5 or more to your dryer, dishwasher, or garbage disposal. Upgrade your Ovens and Stoves when YOU want to, not when you believe your long-term appliance is broken.

We know it’s important to fix your broken or underperforming appliances fast, and on the first repair visit. With Dependable Repair Services, you can schedule service online 24/7, or call our help center during regular business hours, 8am -5:30pm Monday through Friday. Our qualified customer service representatives can often send a qualified technician to your location on the same day you call. Our highly qualified, multi-trained technicians will diagnose your appliance repair needs, and give you a flat rate price estimate that is guaranteed, no matter what lengths they go through to fix your problem.

We can service any brand of refrigerator. We have experience with every type of Washing Machine. We can repair your Dryer quickly, and more efficiently than any other Metro Atlanta Appliance Repair service providers. We can fix any dishwasher. We can get your garbage disposal working so quickly, you won’t even have to steal your neighbor’s goat. So stop serving your family microwave dinners, and let Dependable Repair Services repair your Stoves and Ovens today! We take all major credit cards, and even have military & senior citizen discounts available. Call now at (770) 577-5770.

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